Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm Under Attack!!

Or, at least Charlie is...  Yesterday I awoke to a loud explosion, so loud it set off a car alarm in front of my apartment building.  Now, living in the 'hood, this is not unusual by any means, but since this particular BOOM! was right outside my front window and I've been very on edge (to say the least) about my van, I ran over to the window to check it out.  I was hoping the explosion hadn't affected my van (and it's cracked windows that would be susceptible to a blowout) and at first glance all was well.

Then I notice my flat front driver's side tire, blown apart with the threads sticking out of the hole on the top.  Fuck.  Me.

Upon closer inspection it would appear that someone stabbed my tire, as right below the blowout there is a very neat, precise 2-inch line, as a knife would make.  You've gotta be kidding me!  This happened in broad, sunny daylight, 2pm.

I've had the van for less than 2 months and I've already been broken into (with many valuables stolen and stuff broken), where they also tried to hotwire and steal the entire van (ripped out ignition).  After that I'm thinking the same person(s) tried to break into my apt (my address was on some mail in the van).  Now they're apparently trying to immobilize Charlie to scrap him for parts!

I'm trying very hard not to be paranoid, but how many coincidences can there be until it's truly a string of related events?

I need to get the fuck out of Chicago.  But I will not give up!  I just need a better neighborhood to park in.  Everything worthwhile comes with a price, a fight.

I've got my gloves on, bitches.  And someone's ears are surely a-ringin' from yesterday's attack....  Serves them right!


  1. Yikes! If you are getting out of there, try Canada eh ;-) The west is best.

  2. Alrighty then. This is about my fifth attempt at leaving a comment on here. For some reason, my AIM/AOL screen name would not go though, so I will try the anonymous route.

    Anywhoo, I followed a link to your blog, from the lady’s blog who sold you your van.
    I spent the entire day reading her blog from beginning to end. Yes, I do sort of have a life, and could have been cleaning or what-not, but I chose to not to do anything productive. Well, it was mentally productive I guess.

    Since I have dreams and aspirations of being a “Vandweller” myself, I figured your blog would be a fun read. So far, I’m in your April entry, just before you head down to PA, to inspect the van.
    You write very well by the way.

    As for the latest entry, which was the first one that I read here, you are right, you need to get the $*#(# out of Chicago.

    Well I will check in from time to time to see how things are going.

    From Geneseo, NY.

  3. Ok, read everything, all caught up.
    If you decide to start another blog just for vandwellers, drop us a note here, so that we (we as in anyone else who reads this one) can check that out.
    It's kind of funny that we both found the lady that you bought the van from, because we are concerned about our pets and travelling with them. Got a kitty myself. Her name's "Morticia." Yep, like in the Adams family.

    Geneseo, NY