Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Ok, Let's Go'.

"I'm ready!"

I turned around, unaware that someone had come up behind me, and saw a much older man with gray hair, smiling and leaning heavily on what looked like a black walker stacked with electrical equipment underneath the handles.

Having thought I may have misheard him or was blocking the doorway he'd just exited (and not entirely sure he had even spoken to me), I hesitantly replied, "Excuse me?"

He said, "My dream in life is to walk up to a lady - a pretty lady - and say, 'I'm ready!', and she would respond, 'Ok, let's go'."

As the countless possibilities of where such an interaction could go crept in, he smiled and continued, "But I guess that isn't going to happen."  With a wink and a dash of Cary Grant charm he said, "Enjoy your day", and still smiling, ambled off.

He swung his legs widely to each side to step around the other foot as he walked, very slowly, a step a second. 

I was left wondering, lost in the myriad...

Step off that edge, and see where it takes you.  
Spontaneity.  Risk.  Adventure.  Opportunity.  Chance.

(Post has been backdated to reflect the date and time of this occurrence.)

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