Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Raping Of Charlie

So I've had my van for about a month and a half.  Wednesday, June 30th, was my first break-in.  As in, someone got inside, stole my stuff, broke other stuff, and oh yeah, tried to hotwire and steal the entire dang thing.  Oh Humboldt Park, your crackheads sure do amuse me.

I have been very cautious since then with the van (or Charlie, as I've taken to calling him.  He has a few other names in Cherokee and other symbolic tags, but they're for my knowing for now).  I cover every window and frequently go to my apartment windows and shine a flashlight down on/around it to see if anything seems amiss when I'm inside, although I've taken to sleeping in the van so I can hopefully scare whoever away if they come back.  I still need to get some sage and clear the air inside though, as it doesn't feel like 'mine' anymore.  The energy inside feels.... violent.  When I first discovered what had happened it looked as if the inside of the van had thrown up upon itself.  Everything was upended and thrown about, the bench seat twisted oddly against itself, miscellanea scattered about, my ignition hanging from it's wired guts.

The scariest part was that we (my temp roomie & mechanic) found only 2 of the 3 ignition parts outside the vehicle, which meant whoever had done this was planning on coming back for the van and stealing the entire thing after modifying the ignition switch (since they were too dumb to hot-wire it).  So that night I hot-wired it with a paperclip and drove it to the suburbs, where my mechanic and I worked on it a bit the following day and ordered the ignition for it (only $26 total for both parts!).  We installed it when I returned from WI before I left for MI, which is great because without my ignition in nothing else was working either - gauges, blinkers, wipers, radio, etc.

I won't go over what was taken because I'm thankful for what was left.  I'm even more thankful that I am not fully living in the van just yet, that Dru & Penelope weren't in there.  The thought of anything happening to them makes the pit of stomach just drop.  That's actually my biggest fear or worry about traveling - not that I'll break down or get injured or run out of money or have my stuff stolen, but what if something horrible happens to Dru/PenPen?  You can't say it wouldn't be my fault because it would - I'm the one making the choice to live like this, not them.  But there's no use in dwelling on 'what-ifs', I can only be prepared and prudent.

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  1. you need to get out of the city.