Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"We were just talking...."

Just talking, huh?  Didn't sound that way over the last 20 minutes, where from inside my apartment 3 buildings away I could hear him choking and slapping you as you pleaded between tearful breaths for him to "Please, stop!"

I even heard you ask him if he was going to slap you around any more tonight as the first of 3 police cars came into view down the alley after I'd called 911.

Your life must suck.  Or maybe you enjoy it, which is fine, who am I to judge?

I feel sick to my stomach.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Future Travel As Distraction

It's slowly dawning on me just how little time I truly have left in this apartment.  The time seems to be cut even shorter with all of the travel I am constantly planning.  This leaves me feeling slightly uneasy simply for the fact that I won't be around at the end of the lease when everything will need to be wrapped up, and where do I fit in all these tasks with my adventures?  For as big as my toes are, I still struggle with balance sometimes...

I still have so much to get rid of, clean, repair, so on.  Story of life, right?  The only thing I can do is get it all done already and stop bemoaning the fact that it keeps piling up due to my procrastinations.  My ambition can certainly be inconsistent, even though my passions remain.

Sometimes, when I am envisioning my future, it's as if I'm looking upon a mirage in the desert.  In the midst of a barren, desolate landscape, there's a beautiful image, made to shimmer by the intensity of my passion that I've laid down upon it, the ambition applied to it.  But it's as fragile as it is captivating...  Looking at it from the wrong angle distorts everything, the clarity becoming blurred and hazy.  Right now I kinda feel as if I am looking at my future in indiscernible shapes and colors, beauty that is not solid and attainable.  Like an acid trip where you can only see the trails of the object you are trying to follow and keep your focus on.

Since I was purely curious as to the route, I spent the past hour mapping out the itinerary for Phoenix's east coast tour in October.  I had been kinda sorta half-assed thinking that since I'll be in NY for Halloween anyway, why not try to catch the Madison Square Garden show?  Hitting up their other gigs would fill up the week prior to WI/FS's Hallowmas with sublime awesomeness.  For this one I'd leave my van (and cat and snake) in WI or IL (of course housing my lovelies with trusted friends/family) & use cheap transit.  The amazing part is that if I book it all now (or, soon), I can go from CHI to Boston to NY to Montreal to Toronto to Philly and back to NY (for Hallowmas) for around $100.  I <3 Megabus and their $1 fares!  With the travel dates currently open and the transportation fees most definitely in my budget, this has gone from a 'maybe' to a definite 'hell yes' pretty quickly.  

Alrighty, as my plans for the night fell through (Neil was coming for a visit but hurt his back skydiving today and I really really hope he is OK!) and this post has been an hour in the making, I'm off to nom on some Malt O' Meal and figure shit out.  

Phoenix tour and comment responses coming soon!  For now, another teaser...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

People Read This?? How 'bout another blog?

I'm finally back in CHI after touring around with Phoenix (and you can bet your ass I'll be updating all about that soon), currently uploading the mass of videos I took on YouTube.  I've never uploaded anything to YouTube, even though I've thought about it in the past, so I guess now's as good a time as any.  First all the Phoenix vids, then I have some super old World Inferno/Friendship Society and Gogol Bordello to get up there as well.

But yeah....  Call me oblivious, but I apparently have comments on some of my posts!  If you've left a comment and I haven't responded, well, now you know why - I am dense lol.  I don't get notifications of such things and I just paid attention to the "Posting" screen where it shows the comments.  So, my apologies if you've felt I've been rather rude in not responding.  I will be going back over the posts and reading/responding to them in due time.  Oh, the wacky digital dimension we call the internet....

I have another blog kinda sorta set up for vandwelling/travel-specific posts, but I still don't know what the hell to do with it.  I'm obviously no expert for giving advice on the various methods and tips/tricks of such a life just yet, although I hope to be able to share knowledge soon.  I could write about my various adventures on the road, but that would be too close to what I kinda do here.  I'm not sure exactly how to combine and/or separate the two to make them meaningful to the right parties.  I'm so confused and torn!

I need to refocus and remember why I began this thing in the first place.  What I'm hoping to accomplish, what I'd like for the future, and where I hope my various endeavors will lead me.

I'll get back to you on that.

In the meantime, here is a teaser picture for my upcoming Phoenix update:

Oh yeah, you know this is gonna be great!!!

(P.S.  I updated the last post with 2 links to better videos of Thomas Mars crowd surfing - as you can tell these people were right next to me.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Adventures WIth Couchsurfers & PHOENIX!!!

This weekend was my first time hosting a couchsurfer, and it was so much fun.  Jean-Michel from Quebec is taking a month to hitchhike across the US to California & David Lynch.  While he was here we went all over the city - the beach, Signature Room of John Hancock, Berlin, Millennium Park, and the most amazing night of all was last night (Sunday).


This show sold out within the first day of tickets being on sale (at $40 each), so I figured I'd just find a scalper outside at the venue the night of the show.  BUT, thanks so much to a beautiful, wonderful friend of mine, Vijay, not only did I get in for FREE, but was able to bring TWO friends with me!!  A-maze-ing.  So Jean-Michel came along and I called my dear old friend Neil on a whim hoping he could make it from WI after he was done with work (skydiving).  He had a friend in town that came along and he also got in for free as well!

The band played a set at Lollapalooza earlier in the day so I was thinking they may be tired and play a short set or just not be up to it.  But the show was broadcast LIVE on the radio and they played their newest CD, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, all the way through, in order, and then came out for a few older songs for an encore (how's that for remembering the setlist?  :) ).

I have no words for the show, it was that electrifying and astounding.  The crowd was so fired up and dancing, singing all the lyrics right along with the band.  Such great energy!

After the encore the lights went out and all you could see was this thin red line making it's way through the crowd.... then the lights came on and you saw that the red line was the cord for a microphone, & Thomas Mars (vocalist) was climbing a balcony five feet away from where we were and singing!  He then crowd-surfed back to the stage in perfect form (and of course my camera ran out of memory at this point - but I will ALWAYS have that image in my mind!)

(Two even better videos are here:

After the show we all went to the bar and had a great time hanging out until dawn.  Neil & his friend (Zek?  Not sure how to spell it, sorry) had to work so only got 2 hours of sleep before driving back up to WI.  But before leaving, Neil gave Jean-Michel his contact info and offered to take him skydiving before he went west on his journey!!  So cool.  It's really amazing what life can offer you, so spontaneously, when you meet the right people at the right time.  Here's an adventurous Quebecer just hoping for a couch to sleep on and then a free sold-out Phoenix show and a skydiving opportunity come along.  I love life!  It was great fun having JM here and I felt a bit sad leaving him at Union Station, but I can't wait to hear of his travels.

So, I am definitely road-tripping this week to catch the other shows Phoenix is playing throughout the Midwest - they are phenomenal live and I can't wait to get on the road!