Thursday, August 19, 2010

Future Travel As Distraction

It's slowly dawning on me just how little time I truly have left in this apartment.  The time seems to be cut even shorter with all of the travel I am constantly planning.  This leaves me feeling slightly uneasy simply for the fact that I won't be around at the end of the lease when everything will need to be wrapped up, and where do I fit in all these tasks with my adventures?  For as big as my toes are, I still struggle with balance sometimes...

I still have so much to get rid of, clean, repair, so on.  Story of life, right?  The only thing I can do is get it all done already and stop bemoaning the fact that it keeps piling up due to my procrastinations.  My ambition can certainly be inconsistent, even though my passions remain.

Sometimes, when I am envisioning my future, it's as if I'm looking upon a mirage in the desert.  In the midst of a barren, desolate landscape, there's a beautiful image, made to shimmer by the intensity of my passion that I've laid down upon it, the ambition applied to it.  But it's as fragile as it is captivating...  Looking at it from the wrong angle distorts everything, the clarity becoming blurred and hazy.  Right now I kinda feel as if I am looking at my future in indiscernible shapes and colors, beauty that is not solid and attainable.  Like an acid trip where you can only see the trails of the object you are trying to follow and keep your focus on.

Since I was purely curious as to the route, I spent the past hour mapping out the itinerary for Phoenix's east coast tour in October.  I had been kinda sorta half-assed thinking that since I'll be in NY for Halloween anyway, why not try to catch the Madison Square Garden show?  Hitting up their other gigs would fill up the week prior to WI/FS's Hallowmas with sublime awesomeness.  For this one I'd leave my van (and cat and snake) in WI or IL (of course housing my lovelies with trusted friends/family) & use cheap transit.  The amazing part is that if I book it all now (or, soon), I can go from CHI to Boston to NY to Montreal to Toronto to Philly and back to NY (for Hallowmas) for around $100.  I <3 Megabus and their $1 fares!  With the travel dates currently open and the transportation fees most definitely in my budget, this has gone from a 'maybe' to a definite 'hell yes' pretty quickly.  

Alrighty, as my plans for the night fell through (Neil was coming for a visit but hurt his back skydiving today and I really really hope he is OK!) and this post has been an hour in the making, I'm off to nom on some Malt O' Meal and figure shit out.  

Phoenix tour and comment responses coming soon!  For now, another teaser...

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