Friday, October 8, 2010


 Most of the words I type in this box end up in the purgatory known as "Drafts" in the blogger world.  Sometimes it almost feels like I have more unfinished posts than actual ones, though I know this not to be true.  I'd love to combine all the random half-finished snippets of thought into one post, but by now they're outdated and would make no sense out of context anyway, which would require too much time and space to embellish upon.  Perhaps that's why they remained Drafts in the first place.

I love how only a few short posts ago I wrote about starting another blog and then disappear from this one for a month.  Well, not entirely, as I stated I've been writing, just not posting.  Doesn't do much for the blog, though, does it?  So do I go back and post what I originally intended to, and flesh out those old posts?  Or do I move forward with the present and future, what's happening now and is in the works?  How about a little of both?  Instead of putting ALL of that info into this one post (as it would be hella-long), I'll go back and post what I wanted to in a few days if possible, and for right now, give you some insight as to why I've been M.I.A.

First culprit:  Laptop trouble.  First my battery exploded, with the right side bulging and pushing against the trackpad, making it inoperable.  Battery replaced.  Then, the display went all magenta, fuzzy, and flickering.  Was able to look up the possible cause and found out I have a graphics card that Apple recalled years ago and it would be replaced for free -whew.  I take it in and, as the logic board was just replaced last November, it wasn't the GC (as it's all in the same part apparently) but the display, which would be $850 to fix.... and I'm 2 months out of my AppleCare warranty.  Fuuuuuuuuuck.  But Mr. Awesome Apple Man said that since it was so close to the date he'd let it slide.  I nearly cried on him, literally (btw, it turned out NOT to be the display but the GC, so they replaced it again [?] as well as the display and it took almost 2wks) - Because, at the same time, Charlie was in need of repairs as well....

Like, a transmission.  Yes, a $2k transmission.  Those 2 repairs would almost completely wipe out my meager savings.  But now, I can't find a problem!  The van was slipping and so I checked the trans fluid and it was completely, bone dry.  Which means there's a leak somewhere, because when I bought the van it was flushed and filled.  Well, I'm currently in WI after bringing up a few boxes that I wanted to put in storage, and I've been checking the fluid level after long-distance drives and short ones, and it's fine!  But I've also seen it leaking underneath, only a few drips, but it's right where the rear main seal would be leaking, but since it's trans fluid & not oil that means it's likely the pan gasket.  But now it's not dripping (well, as much...) and I'm not losing fluid.  WTF?  Well, I'm not going to worry about it, I'll just continue to be diligent with maintenance and prevention.

So yeah, I've been back in WI for the past week.  I came up last week to attend Leather & Lace in Madison at the good ol' Inferno, and it's still the same as it always is.  But I had an absolute blast with Brian & Laffey, and my good friend Derrick from CHI came up as well to check out the scene.  Since Sunday I've been back in JC.... ugh.... JC.  But I've been crashing on the Schultz's couch and couldn't feel more at home with my adoptive family  :)  I'm so happy to just be in the vicinity of such love, hospitality, and support.  But I need to get the hell out of JC.  Already the neighbors have called the cops on Charlie and a cop has talked to me, another came up yesterday morning to talk to Lloyd, and this morning a neighbor came knocking at 8AM to complain/question.  Keep in mind I've been moving it every day and parking it legally away from driveways/etc.  But that's JC for you, and a perfect example of why I fled as soon as I could - if you don't 'fit in' here, you are in trouble.  They don't want anything or anyone that's 'different', 'odd', or 'not normal'.  Charlie certainly doesn't fit in with their shiny sedans, that's for sure.  Hell, even the cop that spoke to Lloyd (I was on the couch and heard everything) said, "Well, Lloyd, I mean, come on - you know how this town is.  You've lived here long enough, you know how people are."  Fucking-A.  Grrr.  Must....escape....

But this whole week has been kind of crazy....  I called my good friend Neil on Monday to set up a time for us to go skydiving (he's the same friend mentioned in the HOB/Phoenix update that took my couchsurfer Jean Michel skydiving) this week and he was in the hospital, having broken his pelvis in 3 places earlier that day.  So I've been driving back and forth from JC to Milw to visit him.   Needless to say we won't be diving anytime soon, but my ticket is good until June 2011, so we'll see what happens then, as I'd love to do my dive with Neil.  At least, I thought that... but Neil is another post altogether, if I can dwell on that heart confusion long enough.  When I posted the other night, I was writing my stream-of-consciousness (that is currently a draft, go figure) as what I was feeling was fresh, and sometimes it is better to let those thoughts and emotions settle.

Anyway, I'm very glad it's October.  This month is going to be extremely exciting for me.  In only a week I'll be on my way to the East coast until November.  I'll put up my itinerary in another post very soon.  I'm sorry I was unable/unwilling to post for so long.  This blog is supposed to keep me on track, and I've been slipping, yet making progress forward all the same.  You'll definitely see me around more often.  :)  Even though this next week feels pretty much like this:

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