Wednesday, October 20, 2010

East Coast/Phoenix Tour - Boston

Monday night Phoenix played the Agganis Arena.  I was sent a text notifying me that I'd be put on the list and asking if I wanted to bring a friend, but as I was traveling alone and my couchsurfer host had school to attend, I went alone, with my big-ass backpack (as I wasn't coming back that night and would have to figure something out as my bus didn't leave until noon the next day).  The security guard outside immediately notified me that they wouldn't let me in with a huge bag.  I explained the situation to him (I'm traveling for 3wks, etc), and he led me into the side of the building to the box office and said I could see if I could talk to anyone there since I was on the list, after all.  The girl at the BO was very kind but couldn't do anything, so it was up to me and my wits.

Instead of going outside like I was supposed to so that I had to come around and get in line for my ticket to be scanned, I went back through the side door I came through (which led to an area behind the scanners) and let the guy by the door check my bag, although he really didn't care.  I then just headed right up the stairs and after a small bit of dawdling to check out the stage/arena views I decided it was probably smarter to get down to my seat before anyone from security started to hassle me.  So I follow my ticket section and get all the way down the stairs to Row C - I am in Row A.  I asked the guard outside the GA section and was pointed over to the two rows of red plush seats on the side of the stage, sectioned off from the main seats.  Wow!  Very cool!  There were some guards near the backstage that kept looking at me and finally one came over and said, "We're all wondering how you managed to get that big bag in here", in a genial sort of way.  We had a laugh about it and tossed a few scenarios back and forth, one of mine being that the neon-brightness of my hair blinded everyone, to which he replied, "That's what we were thinking!"
Cedric on stage doing guitar check.  The security guard to the far left was the jokester.
The show was spectacular as usual.  During the encore the band went out into the middle of the arena on a mini-stage to play 2 songs, and then came back to the main stage for a few more, ending of course with Thomas going into the crowd with his red mic cord.  Except, that mic cord got hella long - he was all the way up in the nosebleeds on the side of the arena!  Pretty nice treat for those with far away seats, I'd say.
I had to do a full-zoom for this one, as he was all the way across the arena.
After the show security was kicking people out and I was saved just in the nick of time, talking to Cedric who was still on stage and then being motioned to go backstage with a group of others seated near me.  We were led to the Hospitality Room where I had some beers and chatted with Rob, Deck, Branco, and some members from Two Door Cinema Club.
This sign was right before you get backstage.  I love it.
The empty hospitality room, filled with empty beer bottles.
The drummer from TDCC kept calling me Hayley because of my hair, and I was completely lost on the reference until he showed me pics and a short video of a girl in a band I've never heard of that has all orange hair, like mine used to be.  I wonder if it's this same chick, whose pics I found when I did a GoogleImages search for orange hair - the one w/ Gwen Stefani looks EXACTLY like me, so I had to save it.  I don't ever remember being on stage w/ Gwen lol.

Whoever this is has great taste in hair color.
Is this the same chick as above?  Who is she?  She looks scarily, eerily like me in this particular pic, seriously.  Like whoa.
 So after what seemed like hours of chilling, everyone else had left and I stuck around at Cedric's request and finally got the chance to talk to him for over an hour.  Matt and a few others also stopped by, and Christian (guitar) asked if they would see me at MSG in NY on Wednesday.  He told me there was a "very big surprise, you don't want to miss it!", and I was all the more excited.

The bus was supposed to leave at 4am but around 230am Cedric was notified they were taking off.  We walked up to the buses outside and it was hella-cold.  We were saying our goodbyes and I was wondering where I was gonna stay (I didn't know if the bus station was open 24hrs like the airport, bc those were pretty much my only 2 options), and how much a cab ride was gonna cost to get me that far (ouch).  All the sudden, Matt shows up behind us and asks, "So, where are you staying, when does your bus leave?"  I answer, "I'm still figuring that out, my bus leaves at noon today, so I figure I'll just go to the station", and he replies, "Well then, you're coming on the bus with us to New York". 

Are you fucking kidding me????!!!

To make a longer story short, that's exactly what happened (after much assurance on my part that I'd be just fine in Boston, but after an offer like that how could I seriously end up refusing?!).  I rode in bus#2 with the awesome crew and met (and re-met) really interesting people, talking, laughing, and drinking all the beer until 4am.  I even ended up having my very own bunk in the back, but I went up front by the driver and ended up sitting in the ridiculously comfortable passenger seat all night long, making conversation & staring out that huge front window.  We got into NY just as it was getting light out.  So wonderful.  I crawled back to the middle area of the bus and curled up on the couch as I didn't want to disturb the crew, and lounged for a couple of hours until everyone started getting up.  Outside the bus I thanked Matt again and told him I'd see him at MSG in a couple of days, and he said "Of course, you'll be in the House Box with me!"  I smiled and took it with a grain of salt, as I never believe anything until it's happening lol.

Me on Phoenix's bus from Boston to NY.  My shirt says, "I'll never stop pooping"  :) (Photo taken by Joakim)
Phoenix's bus#1
Common area #1, looking front to back (behind the door are the bunks)
Common area looking back to front (behind the door is the driver, that's my blue backpack on the floor)
In NY at dawn, photo taken by me at a red light.  I really like how this one turned out, and it makes a pretty nice wallpaper too!
Then, with love and gratitude in my heart and a bounce in my weary yet confident step, I lugged my heavy backpack to the subway, got a hotdog from a street vendor for breakfast, and arrived at a punk house in Brooklyn to sleep sleep sleep, being graciously put up by a fellow Infernite, Kriss, who I hadn't even met yet (I love this family).
One of many interesting street art pieces in the neighborhood; I have so many more to take pictures of!

To be continued...

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  1. It's really cool how nice the roadies and everyone is treating you. I always assumed that they would be all over themselves trying to take advantage of girls traveling alone like that. Guess that you can't believe everything that you read in the media.