Saturday, October 9, 2010

Holy Shit Is This My Plan??

I mentioned that October is going to be quite hectic for me, right?  Here's my itinerary, to give an idea:

Today (or, tomorrow, whatever) I will visit my godmother's grave and then drive back to CHI and attend SamSam's housewarming party at night.  Sunday I will pack up everything I want to donate to the Brown Elephant/Howard Brown Center.  Monday I have a photography class from 10am-5pm, and will continue cleaning/packing.  Tuesday & Wednesday are 'free' but will most likely be spent cleaning and organizing (the donation center will be doing a pick-up on Tuesday at 3pm).  I need to make sure everything is squared away as this will be the last time I set foot in the apt I called home in Chicago...

I need to use a Groupon I bought for a much-needed massage therapy session in Winnetka, so that'll happen most likely Wednesday evening.  Thursday I have scheduled to be in Madison to catch up with Angie, my hair lady, and get some kick-ass color in to hopefully rectify a horrendous cut I received last week - we'll use up the remainder of my Napalm and Virgin Rose, possibly my Fishbowl as well (Special Effects brand colors), so I have neon beauty on my strands like I used to: 

My gorgeous colors - but also a haircut I loathed.  I am always grateful I have strong, healthy hair that will grow back.

Friday I will be back in JC packing my one backpack with all that I will take on my trip.  I will be leaving Drusilla (cat) with Derrick in CHI for the next few weeks and Penelope (snake) and Charlie (van) will be at my mother's (I figured it to be much cheaper and adventurous to do this trip entirely with public transit).  Then...

-FLIGHT from Milw to Boston on Sat. Oct. 16th, depart 2pm arrive 5pm.  Sat. night, all of Sun/Mon18th (Mon=Phoenix show @night)
-Tuesday Oct. 19th, Megabus to NY (depart noon, arrive 4:15pm)
-In NY half of Tues19th, all day Wed20th (Phoenix show at MSG), all day Thurs/Fri (as I'm skipping Canada shows :( )
-Sat23rd take Megabus to Philly 2:45pm depart, 4:45pm arrive, Phoenix show that night... Spend all day Sun/Mon in Philly, return to NY on Tues26th on Megabus (depart 1:30pm, arrive 3:30pm)
-NY from Tuesday Oct. 26th (with side-trip to Washington DC for the Rallies on the 30th!!!) through Tues. Nov. 2nd, when I will Megabus back to Boston for the muthafuckin' Dresden Dolls, who are playing a show that night and the next (Wed.), then Megabus back to NY on Fri Nov 4th to catch an Amtrak -(depart 3:45pm) to CHI (arrive 9:45AM Sat Nov. 5th), layover until 1:05PM during which I will pick up Drusilla and continue onto Milw (arrive 2:34pm).

I haven't even logged on to yet to contact cool peeps for a couch or floor in Boston & Philly.  NY is covered thanks very much to Doug, a fellow Infernite and awesome friend.  I really hope that my backpack won't be a problem at the venues...

When I get to Milw in Nov I will most likely take the Badger Bus back to JC where Charlie will be parked and Penelope will be safe and warm, and I have absolutely no freakin' clue what I am doing from there.  Literally none.  I might stick around for a few weeks for the Dresden Dolls show in CHI on the 17th and on the 20th celebrate an anniversary with my good friend Derrick, but it will probably be very cold at that point, and I'll be suckered into sticking around for Thanksgiving (not that I'd mind it at the Schultz's, of course, but my family?  Oh boy.)

I figure I'll most likely just head straight south until it gets warmer and see where that takes me, and perhaps fix up the van on the road.  I've yet to install a 2nd battery or even curtains.  I know.  And the instrument panel is half burnt-out and not working, the heater and A/C are weak as all hell, the fridge doesn't work, the water tank is inoperable and/or needs a severe cleaning, there are 3 known leaks when it rains, and I still need to install an alarm system and a freakin' radio (they do nothing but talk on AM radio it seems, and I desperately need my tunes, yo).

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