Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Almost Died To Get Out Of Chicago

But not because I wanted to.  I missed that city before I was even gone.

What ended up happening was, I had a great time at SamSam's housewarming party, until dawn.  We spoke of our upcoming Hallowmas and got all riled up about the rallies as well.  Sunday I nursed my hangover and got very little done, although I don't remember sleeping until 2hrs before my class on Monday (as in, I got none).  So I bought a Monster and went to the class, which was enjoyable.  I also stopped by The Alley and picked up some Napalm hair dye so I'd have enough, and then I biked back to the apt and worked a bit on some more stuff until almost dawn.  I don't remember sleeping that night either, and was up on Tuesday until the donation people came.  I was getting through the morning before that with another Monster (btw, I hardly ever drink those things, it had been a looooong while).  The only thing I remember eating is one meal on Monday.  So, no sleep for 3days, 1 meal, and hauling heavy shit by myself down 2flights of stairs in 80+degree weather turns out to be not so good for you.  I drained myself to zero (more on that below).

Since my roommate Kyle had yet to pay me for all the furniture he'd had liberal use of the entire time and he was being a mega-dick about things, I decided to take a big loss on the money he owed me and posted everything that was left up on Craigslist for free.  I didn't think anyone would really respond as I wanted to get it all out within the next couple of hours and that furniture was heavy as all hell and up 2 flights of stairs.  But I was inundated with calls and everything was taken out, wow.  After that I still had all of my boxes and random crap I hadn't yet taken care of, and I was not feeling well.

It started as a sore throat that morning, but nothing too bad.  It got worse throughout the day and by the time random strangers were clearing out the apt I was feeling dizzy and woozy, and slighly feverish with a bad headache.  It had also been very unseasonably warm (think high 80's) and I had spent the day carrying down huge items to the van by myself (ruining my bookcase in the process, but whatever).  The CL responders left as SamSam showed up to help me, but all the big stuff was gone by then.  At that point I'm blacking out.

So SamSam puts me down in the van so that the doors can stay open since I'm in the driver's seat to watch everything and - I kid you not - he brings down most EVERYTHING and packs the van for me.  And there was a LOT more than I thought!!!  It ended up being packed to the very brim, including the top bunk, passenger seat, any free area was filled.  Whoa.  My friends Nathan and Derrick also showed up to help later on as well.  I can't believe them, I owe them so much for that.  Meanwhile I was sitting in the van seriously wondering if I was going to wake up if I went to sleep.  I felt awful, every muscle was sore like I'd been beaten with a bat, high fever, couldn't swallow without tearing up, extremely nauseous to the point that water made me gag, and for 2-3hrs while sitting still I felt like you do when you stand up way too fast and everything goes fuzzy and black, basically flickering in and out of consciousness.  Not cool.

Around 5am Derrick and I take Dru to his place and I crash.  I took a cab back to the apt to finish up there and had a screaming match with Kyle.  I will never again live with someone with absolutely no life experience (the apt was his first time moving out of his parent's house, and he's extremely immature and full of juvenile rage as well) or appreciation.  But I was finally free of that and started my journey up to WI that night, where I stayed at the Schultz's and wrote the last few entries.  I've been feeling sick ever since then (over a week ago now), with a headache, very low energy, and coughing/sinus pressure every day.  I really need to figure out how to recharge and get better so that my whole trip isn't spent like this.

Last Thursday I got my hair dyed as planned, and it's pretty fucking sweet if I say so myself.  Thanks Angie!  We decided on a color scheme/pattern that didn't actually happen, but I like the results nonetheless.  So I now have Napalm Orange all over with Virgin Rose at the tips (and a solid streak on the left side front) and there's Fishbowl Blue (turquoise) at my temples and a square patch on the lower right bottom.  I look very rainbow-ey, and I love the asymmetric touches.  :)
Goopy neon hair (my temple looks very icky here bc of the shadow but it's actually a gorgeous teal).
After the first rinse.  The teal looks a bit green-ish around the edges where it mixed with the orange, giving it a really cool blend.
Saturday I flew to Boston and spent the next few hours using the airport's WiFi to find a last-minute couchsurfing host, which I did.  Dan was super awesome and accommodating, we had some gnarly Mexican food and he was extremely hospitable in helping me get better, with loads of hot tea and such.

Next up is a recap of Phoenix's Boston show at Agganis Arena!

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  1. With that hair I guess you will never have to worry about getting lost in a crowd :) It looks nice though. I like looks that are "different," without seeming to try too hard to be.