Saturday, October 9, 2010

In Response To All Comments So Far

Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read my blathering.  I started this blog as a way to hold myself accountable for all that I want to accomplish, among a million other reasons.

It feels very strange to me still, as I am the kind of person who has never had (and never will have) a Myspace, Facebook, etc.  I believe I've already written somewhere in a post as to why (again, a million reasons), but one reason is that I like to live my life in the 'real' world....  I like to write actual letters and put them in actual envelopes and send them with actual stamps...  I like photographs more than digital pictures, and journals more than online blogs.  But I also see and appreciate what technology and the internet has allowed us.  As I have found so much help in others' writings and experiences, I wanted to share my own and hopefully help in my own way.

Of course, I never expected (and still don't) anyone to read this, as I tend to ramble and become uninteresting-ly self-consumed, so this whole thing was meant more as a sort of 'placebo effect' to motivate me and keep me on track.  I was once given advice as such:  "If you have a goal, tell others.  They will hold you accountable.  The next time you see them, they're likely to ask you:  How's that book you've been writing, do you have a chapter finished?  Did you book that trip you wanted to take last time we spoke?  How are you progressing with that new language/skill you were learning?", etc etc.

You are much more likely to accomplish what you want/need to when the possibility of letting others down enters into the equation as well.  Hell, I can let myself down all I want, I have no one to answer to but myself.  But I'm tired of that.  So here I am.

I am of course thankful if you actually enjoy my writing.  I do hope to take this blog into more of a creative/personal direction, and separate the van adventures into another blog, but my life tends to overlap (heck, it's all one experience to me!)  I don't think the two blogs would make sense on their own, as I'd reference experiences in each one I think and then have to explain things to have them make sense (i.e., an anecdote with "bc I live in a van, you know..." etc).  My poems and artsy-fartsy writings are inspired by what I experience, and vandwelling is/will be a huge part of my experience.  So, still figuring that one out, but again, I'm glad you like whatever it is that you read.  :)

I will definitely be posting my experiences with my cat & snake, as there does not seem to be many resources out there and I know for me that will be my biggest challenge and worry.  Drusilla is no spring kitty anymore, she's 6-7yrs old, and quite the odd one at that anyway.  Oh, and Geneseo - Morticia is a wonderful name for a kitty.  Mine is named after the character in Buffy (I have a huge dork hard-on for that show - I also used to have 2 rats named Xander and Oz).  :)  And temperature control and food will be issues for Penelope.  I will do my best to make sure that I am posting all I can about anything I find helpful in these areas, including everyday 'unimportant' experiences, because they are all important when your pets are like your children. 

And if you are thinking of living this kind of lifestyle, please do it!  You never know if something is right for you until you try.  I've had this dream since before I was able to even drive, and now at 24yrs old I'm finally out of my life-coma and fucking acting on it.  I may get out there and beat myself up wondering why the hell I didn't start a loooong time ago... or I may find out that I hate it, and I want the comforts of my own clean shower, steady temperatures, access to the foods I want and ways to preserve & cook them that I've become accustomed to (I already miss my oven/fridge), etc etc.  But with the way things are looking in the world, I don't think so.  I definitely do not trust governments or societies and am quite thankful and relieved that I have a home I can run away in, where it is much harder to track me down.  I tend to shy away from having 'beliefs' in anything, but I am very, very interested in what most call 'conspiracy theories' - Illuminati, New World Order, Bilderberg Group, etc.  The further I can get from the corruption the better.  They won't be micro-chipping me anytime soon!

So that's that.  Thank you again for reading and I'll try to get some work done within the next month or two (when my vandwelling becomes truly full-time) on my separate blog (complete with clever title!)

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