Friday, October 22, 2010

Phoenix @ Madison Square Garden - Holy Shit!!!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010, Phoenix played Madison Square Garden in NY.  I was super excited and really happy for them, as it's a legendary venue.  I wanted to get downtown early and go to a museum & check out the surroundings beforehand, but as usual I procrastinated.  I had some pizza at Danny's with Kriss and then he swiped me into the subway with his unlimited ride card around 6:45pm (doors were at 7pm).  When I arrived at 7:15 or so I immediately saw the 2 buses out front and a few of the crew members near what was the entrance door for GA ticket holders (and obviously backstage/etc).  I already knew that this was a big day for the band, and that there would be no hanging out to speak of as they had a show in Canada the next night and would be leaving immediately.

So I wander about the surrounding neighborhood for a bit, hearing the scalpers trying to sell tickets for ridiculous prices ($175+ for the sold-out GA section, same as on CL) and also the venue, inquiring on tickets/seating/prices/etc, as I fully am not expecting to be on the list for a show this important, and that's totally fine.  I want to make sure I make it in by the 8pm start time as Cedric had said good things about Wavves and I had missed their set in Boston.  Well, at 7:45pm I got a text:  Hi tasha u re ticket is at the box office u are under tasha Rose see u

WOW.  Seriously?!  For MSG?!  I felt like I had won the fucking lottery, I was so pumped and just smiling ear to ear, my cheeks hurt.  Like a dork, I even jumped up and down a couple of times and fucking skipped to the BO.  This is a huuuuge show for them, how was there space for me on that list?! At the BO they said the tickets weren't available yet, but it didn't matter at this point, as there would be one somewhere back there soon, with my name on it!  After checking every 5-10mins or so they finally arrived at 8:15pm - mine was in the sold-out GA section!

Still smiling and feeling amped, I make my way outside and over to the GA entrance, and finally arrive at the floor.  The venue was huge and there were lots of people already.  I wondered how many more would arrive later although I wasn't worried about the turnout at all.  I caught Dirty Projector's set and was meh on it - too much vocal screech and hipster vibe for my taste, but they were, um, interesting, I suppose.  I just wanted to see Phoenix start rocking out!
The lovely Cedric doing guitar/sound check.
 It had been awhile since I'd been immersed in a crowd for the show and I made my way up front, about 5 'rows' of people back, which was still damn close.  Beer vendors were selling Bud Light for $8.75!!!  Fucking ridiculous.  Ugh.  And soooo many people were buying them.  I felt like I was surrounded by redneck idiots with money to foolishly burn (and I was just thankful that they burned some of their money on a ticket for the show).  But no beer for this lush.
Thomas Mars.  All of the times I've seen Phoenix play, they all have this same look on their faces - of awe and gratitude.  I love it!!
So Phoenix comes on around 9:30pm, and the crowd was totally into it.  The venue was pretty filled at this point and the energy was amazing.  I'm really glad I was in the crowd for this one, dancing and jumping and singing along.  During "Love Like A Sunset" a huge white sheet exploded over the GA section and the crowd moved it back until it was covering the entire section, when all the sudden it snapped with a terrifying sound and made the row of lights right above me sway wildly.  The crowd had pulled it too hard like a bunch of yahoos and what I thought was supposed to be the "big surprise" Christian had told me about was now crumpled in the back of the GA section somewhere.  I think they were going to project lights/images onto it, but so much for that.  I wasn't too worried about the lights until I saw Branco staring up at them (granted, he always looks up during this song while playing, but this was different).  I looked up at the lights and saw how little they were attached to the ceiling by, and they were still swinging.  I didn't get worried until I saw Branco keep staring and getting worried, and I felt bad for the look of dismay on Deck & Christian's faces as they stared back to where the sheet was.  I figured there was no way the lights were gonna fall, bc there just could not be a tragedy on Phoenix's big night, but just in case I started looking around to see how many people I could grab or push to safety if need be lol.  But it was fine.

 So, the "big surprise".....  During the last part of "If I Ever Feel Better", where the band turns all heavy and rock, the noise goes electronic and static as all the lights go out and DAFT PUNK is suddenly on stage!!!  OMG.  OMFG.  OMG!!  Are you fucking for real??  Daft fucking Punk?!  YES!  It was them!  They went into "Harder Better Faster Stronger" and then Phoenix mixed in the rock part of the song they'd been playing, and Daft Punk segued into "Around The World" after that, mixed in with Thomas' lyrics.

Then, the big moment of "1901", where Daft Punk added some synth to the song.  The crowd lost their fucking minds during all of their appearance, as if they weren't crazy excited already.  It was amazing!  I was (and still am!) so floored.  Yes, Daft Punk in their first live act in 3yrs, with Phoenix, at Madison Square Garden in New York.  And I was fucking there.  :)
Phoenix & Daft Punk at MSG.  My camera wasn't wide enough to get them all in as I was zooming and trying to get a clear shot through all the arms (sorry Rob!  You're in another shot.)
After the show I just barely caught Cedric's eye to say a very quick "thank you, thank you so much", as I knew I wouldn't see anyone after.  As everyone was headed downstairs I went up a floor and down a hallway to watch the clean-up process.  I was there for maybe an hour or so, just chilling as it was cold outside and I love watching the whole process.  Then I was apprehended by 2 older security guys with walkie-talkies who were total dicks and escorted me out to the bottom floor.  Really?  I didn't know I was that much of a security threat!  :P

Sure enough, by the time I got outside (and ran into a crew member for a quick chat) the buses were being started up to head out.  I sent Cedric a text to thank him once again and took the subway back to Brooklyn, where I met up with Kriss and witnessed a bar fight with 4 cop cars and a paddy-wagon showing up.  We skedaddled back to his place after picking up some falafel and proceeded to stay up until 9am, splitting a huge bottle of red wine and enjoying various narcotics, mood enhancers, smokeables, and of course conversation.


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