Thursday, October 7, 2010

So Much To Say...

I think I'll sleep on it.


  1. Wow, that's it after being gone a month?
    Well at least you posted a nice picture.

    Geneseo, NY.

  2. Phew, that last entry was a mouth full. :)
    Sounds like you had a blast following Phoenix around, and getting all that special treatment, and being on the “list.”
    I can relate to the “High,” feeling of being apart of something great, and then crashing after everyone is gone. My father was in the entertainment business (actor) and when I would visit him in Europe I’d get to hang out with some famous people there and get a taste of the high life. I also had the opportunity to mingle a bit with celebrity types in the US as well, when I was in my late teens.
    Then...when everyone is gone, and you are left alone reality hits and you realize that although you got a glimpse of their life style and for a moment felt as you were part of it, you find yourself back in your own reality, which after seeing how they live, makes yours seem even worse then it actually is.

    I’m not surprised you’re having a bit of trouble with the van. If I recall correctly, the woman who had it before you wrote that it was a 1977 model. Heck it’s 33 years old. It’s impressive that it’s still running.
    I’ve been looking at some vans around here, and it seems that anything over ten years old is on its last legs.


  3. @Geneseo: Wow, that's pretty cool that you've had those experiences. For me it really has nothing to do with 'celebrity', but unfortunately the reactions you get from others does seep into how you think/feel about the situations you find yourself in. I more or less just felt 'lost' again, with no direction or meaning to my life, when everyone I'd been hanging out with definitely had a purpose, meaning, and family/friends surrounding them.

    As for the van, yup, it's pretty old for a vehicle. But they made them better back then, I think. My van was pretty well maintained, I must say, although it sat for a long time, and that's bad bad bad. Worse than I took into consideration, for sure, but oh well. If the options in your area aren't up to par, maybe try looking elsewhere if you can travel there. I was in CHI and hitched a ride off Craigslist to get to Clearfield, PA for my van. You can always stay with couchsurfers if possible as well to cut down on costs and meet like-minded travelers/etc.